Through careful engineering Walker Modular were able to provide a unique bathroom solution to a blue chip client.

The Result

By properly engineering the bathroom so that it was a true one-piece Bathroom Pod, within a very short space of time Travelodge managed to dramatically cut down the cleaning regime of the Hotel Bathrooms.

All mould and discolouration has been eliminated from the new Hotel bathrooms and the level of offline room has dramatically reduced in the new Hotel Stock.

Through careful engineering Walker Modular were able to provide a unique bathroom solution to a blue chip client. The client was extremely brave in its choice of new high-tech materials for the bathroom construction. Its choice has been rewarded ten fold safe in the knowledge that the bathroom pod now has a 60 year guarantee from defects.

All shower and bathroom leaks have been eliminated from the Hotel chains new Hotel stock.

The Business Problem

Travelodge Hotel were using a traditional lightweight steel frame bathroom pod system to build their hotels. This design relied heavily on a plasterboard and traditionally tiled bathroom solution. However over time the bathroom tiles had become discoloured, suffered with age related issues and proved a challenge to maintain to their high brand standards.

The Travelodge Hotel chain first approached Walker modular in 2009 to investigate Walker Modular’s new bathroom pod innovations and the potential use of them with their new hotel developments.

Central to the contract was that Walker Modular would produce a bespoke Marine Grade Composite bathroom pod from a one piece moulded design. The bathroom pod had to be self cleaning with an element of infection control and require little or no maintenance.

How We Helped

A team of 4 specialists was assigned to the project, with skills in different areas including product design, technical development, project and service management. Our first task was to create a bathroom pod that could be manufactured in a true one piece design that did not rely on a silicone jointing system. The bathroom surface had to be self-cleaning in order to reduce the amount of cleaning require on a morning turnaround.

Once the mould was agreed and the design had been selected Walker Modular set about upgrading the interior of the bathroom using the latest bathroom fitting offered by ideal Standard. To maintain the look and feel for Travelodge a bespoke granite effect wall panelling system was developed that was also of a self-cleaning nature.

The moulds were manufactured and Walker Modular began supplying bathroom pods in 2009 at a rate of 4000 per year.

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About Walker Modular

Walker Modular is the leading manufacturer of Bathroom Pods in Great Britain and the only choice for superior quality bathroom pods. We are the primary supplier of bathroom pods to many of the UK’s leading developers and blue chip companies. From five star hotels and hospitals to prisons, nursing homes and student accommodation, we’ve designed and built bathroom pods for every environment.

We have unrivalled knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art production facilities to ensure our bathroom pods remain the number one choice. We have a committed team driven to deliver the highest possible standards and care for our clients and their bathroom pods, even after delivery.

If you have a requirement for bathroom pods no matter how large or small; then we have a solution tailored for your needs. We have our own delivery fleet and pod transportation process to ensure every unit arrives on site intact and on time. Visit us to discover why we are so much more than a bathroom in a box.