US Military – Afghanistan

10 Day delivery Target in an active War Zone.

The Result

Walker Modular hit the desired timeframe of the client and all 220 bathroom pods left the factory 10 days after the order had been placed. The bathroom pods where timed to arrive in Afghanistan at a pre-arranged build slot on site.

The build process suffered 7 rocket attacks during its first construction phase. From start to finish the US Military delivered the accommodation block in 40 days. This was an incredible feat for all companies involved.

The Business Problem

The US Military approached via a third part link in the Middle East. The task was to produce 220 bathroom pods from a standing start to military grade within a 10 day period from a standing start. The design process was shrouded in secrecy as the project was to be delivered to an active war zone site in Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Central to the contract was that Walker Modular would produce a standard Marine Grade Composite bathroom pod from a one piece moulded design. The bathroom pod had to be self cleaning with an element of infection control and require little or no maintenance.

Imperative to the design process was the ability of the bathroom to be used by military personnel dressed in field attire including boots. The bathroom pods also had to be transported to site during a war.

How We Helped

The production facilities of Walker Modular are based upon a 260,000 sq foot print in East Yorkshire. They have 6 active production lines and produce 300 bathroom pods on a single shift week.

The bathroom pods for the US Military had been predesigned which helped immensely. The resin system was imported from the United States to match the clients requirements. Once the order was placed the factory had organised itself into a split shift system with the latest lean manufacturing techniques. Using this split shift process the factory was able to double its capacity to meet the huge order.

A new resin system was developed that gave the surface of the bathroom pod self cleaning capabilities and an anti-fungal finish.

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